The optimal solution comes from Cover Crop

Among the most common and desired goals of professional growers and individuals are essentially three: to protect soil from erosion, to regenerate structure, and to increase fertility.

To these needs, thanks to Cover Crop, a truly effective answer is possible: its name is Cereal Soil Cover.

This is a breakthrough mix in the rotation because it is made with essences that are neutral to the diseases and pests that affect our cereal monocultures. It is composed of essences of Veccia, Alexandrian Clover, Avena strigosa, Phacelia and White Mustard.

The advantages of covering the soil between harvesting one crop and planting the next are countless: in fact, in addition to protecting the soil from erosion, increasing fertility, regenerating structure, water infiltration is facilitated by retaining nutrients in the first layers of the soil and smothering weeds. In addition, nutrients absorbed by Cover Crop are returned to the soil for use by the following crop.

There is no doubt that the choice of Crop Covers, and in particular Cereal Soil Cover, is critical to presenting soil by keeping it fertile and disease-free.

Its dose per Ha is 25-30 kg.

cover crop cereal

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