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Cereal Forages


zanadrea sementi

PS Tecko

It is a variety with high rusticity, of intermediate cycle, with excellent disease resistance...
zanadrea sementi

LG Brixon

Tall plant with excellent lodging resistance, suitable for biogas and for feeding dairy and beef cattle...
zanadrea sementi


It is a high-performing variety in all areas. Plant health is excellent. In France, it is one of the best-selling varieties...
zanadrea sementi

RGT Expotrac

This variety allows for high grain and forage production. It has excellent resistance to winter cold and lodging...

Soft Wheats

zanadrea sementi

Butterfly Soft Wheat – Mutic Spike

This variety boasts excellent leafiness and high tillering, ensuring high biomass production destined for biogas...
COLONIA765 zanadrea sementi

Colonia Superior Mutic Spike Soft Wheat

This wheat is the alternative proposal for farmers looking for a forage wheat that allows them to ensile...
XERXES765 zanadrea sementi

Xerxes Mutic Spike Soft Wheat

This wheat has a medium-late maturity. The plant is characterized by great health and high stem elasticity with high lodging resistance...
zanadrea sementi

Laurenzio Strong-Awned Soft Wheat

This is a medium-late soft wheat. It has high biomass production potential and significant disease resistance...
zanadrea sementi

Diavel Mutic Spike Soft Wheat

This is an early-cycle alternative variety with mutic spike and tall stature with excellent lodging resistance....


zanadrea sementi

Mochina 5 Awlless Hulless Barley

Zanandrea Sementi Srl has the exclusive rights for Italy for this product. It's a medium-late winter barley...
zanadrea sementi

Cardinal Awlless Barley

This is a winter barley with excellent grain and biomass production potential, intended for silage...
zanadrea sementi

Astro Awlless Barley

High productivity and good tolerance to major diseases make this barley very interesting...
zanadrea sementi

Rafaela Awlless Barley

High productivity, consistently at the top in national trials, and good tolerance to major diseases...
zanadrea sementi

Gabriela Two-Row Awlless Barley

It is a forage barley adaptable to all types of soil, with excellent specific weight and good size...


zanadrea sementi

Sorin White Avena sativa

It is a winter variety resistant to cold temperatures down to -20°C. It excels in grain production and quality...
CLARETTA765 zanadrea sementi

Claretta White Avena sativa

This is an oat with significant grain and biomass production. It is highly resistant to lodging...
zanadrea sementi

Abissina Black Avena sativa

Stands out for its extremely high grain and biomass production potential...
zanadrea sementi

Forridena White Avena sativa

It has a high biomass production potential, high leafiness with wide leaves, and is suitable...
zanadrea sementi

Lovrin 1 White Avena sativa

It is a medium-sized spring variety with high hardiness and grain production...
zanadrea sementi

Norik Black Avena sativa

The plant has excellent leafiness and health, and the quality of the forage it produces is high...
zanadrea sementi

Luxurial Avena strigosa

It is a medium-early oat with allelopathic function on weed germination...