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Sow. Reap. Enjoy.

We guarantee quality seeds because we take care of the entire production chain.

We have been operating in the seed market for almost a century: our roots run deep in the research and selection of the best seeds to meet all the needs of agriculture. For all companies seeking high quality, we offer a wide range of products and appropriate technical support. In addition to catalog seeds, thanks to innovative production facilities, we can formulate seed mixtures suitable for every situation.

We can assure our customers of high-quality seeds because we take care of the entire production chain: from field sowing to packaging in our facilities. The selection and purity of the materials for reproduction, product and production process technological innovation are the guidelines on which our work focuses. Experience and reliability are standard.

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Our Mission

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Working with high-quality products while maintaining the right economic sustainability. Guiding the customer in choosing the most suitable product for their needs. Offering innovation to agriculture.

A good certified seed is a guarantee of success.

Continuous collaboration with national and international research centers enables us to offer certified quality. The use of certified products is the only way for farmers to have guarantees on production. We have obtained organic certification, thanks to which we can offer certified organic products, destined for a sector that is constantly growing and evolving.


Currently, our catalog includes 11 varieties registered in the National Register of Varieties and has exclusive rights for the sale and multiplication of other varieties. Our goal is clear: to identify varieties with marked plant health attitudes, high biomass production, and marked fiber digestibility.



Innovation is an integral part of our technical journey: we engage in field and laboratory tests to evaluate new products and respond to the continuous changes in soils and crops. The result of this commitment is the development of eleven forage varieties. The European Union for the relaunch of the Green Deal is considering reducing pesticide use by 50% by 2030.

For some time, Zanandrea Seeds has been researching and testing a large number of forage and cereal species to compare their characteristics and identify the best ones for resistance to cold, drought, and parasites while avoiding the use of pesticides.

The Numbers
That Represent Us

where we distribute
our products
varieties registered
in the National Register
of Varieties

From roots to fruits:
our story

the Zanandrea family is involved in the production and marketing of seeds.
Lorenzo Zanandrea obtains the License for seed sales.
Lino Zanandrea joins the company and makes it grow.
of processing
and mixing plants.
Opening of
markets in the
Mediterranean basin.