A New Variety with Great Potential

Loietto Italico Melpush is a recently registered variety with unique characteristics that are highly favorable for hay production and pastures.

Although it belongs to the diploid category, meaning it has two sets of chromosomes, Loietto Italico Melpush is comparable to a tetraploid due to its high leafiness and excellent health.

It is one of the most appreciated plants for haymaking due to its ease and rapidity of establishment and its high productivity. Particularly in early sowings (August to early September), Melpush ensures abundant, green, or wrapped cuts without compromising its vegetative-productive cycle in spring. Its erect posture facilitates cutting.

Thanks to the productivity and health of Loietto Italico Melpush, a high nutritional value of the forage can be obtained, greatly appreciated by breeders and animals alike. The optimal seeding rate per hectare is 40-50 kg.

LOIETTO MELPUSH765x540 copia zanadrea sementi

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