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This mixture consists mostly of legumes that, when combined with cereals, provide a perfect nutritional mix with high energy value and good starch content. In rotation before maize planting, it leaves the soil rich in nitrogen and limits parasite attacks.

Punti di forza

Nitrogen-fixing crops for Efa
Good starch content
High protein content (15 – 14%)

Composition: 2 varieties of Barley, 1 variety of Pea (protein), 1 variety of Forage Pea, 1 variety of Italian Ryegrass

Indicazioni agronomiche

Use: direct chopped
Cultivation Areas: all areas of Italy
Harvest Time: at waxy milk maturity
Seeding Rate: 170 – 180 kg/Ha
Sowing Period: mid-October-November

Raccomandazioni culturali

Soil Preparation: surface tillage, fine soil on the surface
Optimal Seeding Depth: 3 cm – roll after sowing
Fertilization: based on the availability of organic inputs (manure, digestate)
Autumn Needs: P2 O5 70/80 units/Ha; K2 O 70/80 units/Ha
Spring Needs: N 40/50 units/Ha


Sow, reap, enjoy!

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