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Albita White Grain Sorghum

It’s a variety with exceptional grain yield.
Can be ensiled to obtain starch-rich forage.
Has excellent stay green with outstanding nutritional values.
Possesses good production capacity even in low fertility soils.

Punti di forza

Free from pest attacks
Disease resistance: high
Excellent stay-green
Great production capacity in poor soils

Indicazioni agronomiche

Plant height: 150 – 160 cm
FAO Class 400
Vegetative cycle: 64 days from emergence to flowering
Uses: grain, feed, silage
Packaging: 300,000 seeds dose
Sowing rate: 300,000 – 330,000 seeds/ha
1000-seed weight: 31 g
Sowing period: minimum soil temperature 14°C
Seed treated with Proseed, containing mycorrhizae and rhizosphere bacteria
Allowed in organic farming

Raccomandazioni culturali


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