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Alfalfa Riviera Vicentina

A variety obtained by phenotypic selection of a population of plants belonging to the Leonicena ecotype, native to northern Italy.
It is characterized by great foliage and relatively thin stems.
It is distinguished by high establishment accompanied by early vegetative growth in spring.
It resists pathogens excellently.
Its planting has high longevity.

Punti di forza

High longevity
Early vegetative growth
Excellent drought resistance

Indicazioni agronomiche

Use: dry hay, dehydrated hay
Dormancy index: 7 – 7.5
Sowing rate: 35 – 45 kg/Ha
Sowing period: August-September, February-mid-April

Raccomandazioni culturali

Soil preparation: deep tillage, fine soil on the surface
Optimal sowing depth: 0.5 – 1 cm – roll after sowing
Fertilization: according to soil analysis
Planting needs: P2 O5 120/130 units/Ha; K2 O 80/100 units/Ha
Prefers soils with pH from 6.5 to 7.5


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