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This mixture provides highly energetic and digestible forage due to its high fiber content. It is a formula with varieties highly resistant to fungal diseases, with significant biomass, and is designed to achieve maximum yields in the most suitable soils. It has excellent lodging resistance. It offers a wide harvesting window and allows for direct cutting at waxy milk maturity (Whole crop).


Wide harvesting window
High forage production
Good starch content

Composition: 2 varieties of Oats, 2 varieties of Wheat, 2 varieties of Triticale

Agronomic indications

Use: baled, direct chopped
Cultivation Areas: all areas of Italy
Harvest Time: at waxy milk maturity of Triticale/Wheat
Seeding Rate: 180 – 200 kg/Ha
Sowing Period: October-November

Cultural Recommendations

Soil Preparation: surface tillage, fine soil on the surface
Optimal Seeding Depth: 2 – 3 cm – roll after sowing
Fertilization: based on the availability of organic inputs (manure, digestate)
Autumn Needs: N 30/40 units/Ha; P2 O5 70/80 units/Ha; K2 O 70/80 units/Ha
Spring Needs: N 60/70 units/Ha


Sow, reap, enjoy!

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