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It is a blend of four sorghums of different types, formulated to maximize the characteristics of each individual variety present in order to obtain a balanced forage, optimizing production and providing high digestibility values. This blend ensures an excellent compromise between yield and quality and provides consistent quality under any condition, reducing the risk of lodging.


Guaranteed quality under any condition
High yields 650-700 Ql. /Ha at 25% DM
High digestibility
Economic profitability (low management costs)


2 BMR hybrid sorghums + 2 hybrid sorghums

Agronomic indications

Blend height: 350 – 380 cm
Vegetative cycle: 105 – 110 days from emergence to chopped at 25 – 30% DM
Usage: direct chopping
Packaging: 280,000-seed bag (1 Ha)
Sowing rate: 27 – 28 plants/m2
1000-seed weight: 26 g
Sowing period: Minimum soil temperature 16°C

Agronomic Recommendations


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