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It is a mixture composed of three multi-cut sorghums to obtain a balanced forage so that, even in adverse conditions, one variety can compensate for the difficulties of another. The varietal choice in the mixture formulation enhances and accentuates digestibility values and sugar content. With early sowings, up to 3 cuts can be obtained with a yield per Ha of about 90-80 tons.

Punti di forza

Resistant to lodging
Consistent yields in cuts
High NDF value and sugar content

Composition: 3 bicolor x Sudanese sorghums

Indicazioni agronomiche

Optimal cutting height: 180 – 200 cm depending on usage
Vegetative cycle: 65 – 70 days from emergence to flowering
Usage: pre-wilted chopping, bundled, grazing (above 80 cm)
Sowing rate: 45 – 55 kg/Ha
1000-seed weight: 30 g
Sowing period: minimum soil temperature 16°C

Raccomandazioni culturali


Sow, reap, enjoy!

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