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Gigant Single fodder sorghum cut from shredded wood

It is a hybrid silage variety with a high energy index. It is suitable for all types of use: in bioenergy, industrial use or animal feed.
It is a medium-late variety with a production potential of 75-85 tons/Ha.
It has excellent resistance to stress, even in less fertile soil.


High production even in less fertile soils
Very large leaves, and good tillering ability
High NDF value

Agronomic indications

Plant height: 380 – 400 cm
Vegetative cycle: 110 – 115 days from emergence to shredded at 25 – 30% DM.
Use: direct shredded
Packaging: bag of 530,000 seeds (2 Ha)
Sowing rate: 24 – 26 plants m2
Fertile soils with organic contributions: 22 – 23 plants/m2
Weight of 1000 seeds: 21-22 Gr.
Sowing time: ground temperature min. 16th
Seed treated with Proseed, a plant soil improver containing mycorrhizae and rhizosphere bacteria, also permitted in organic farming

Cultural recommendations


Sow, reap, enjoy!

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