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Italian Ryegrass Ivan

Ivan is a variety obtained through several cycles of phenotypic selection of plants characterized by high productivity. The plant is tall with medium-sized leaves and an intense green color.
It shows remarkable vegetative vigor and medium late ripening.
The high forage yield and high protein content make Loietto Ivan a variety favorable for ensiling.

Punti di forza

Perfect conservation in silage
Excellent establishment and vegetative vigor
High yield


Type: alternative tetraploid
Perennial: 8 to 10 months
Earliness: medium late

Indicazioni agronomiche

Use: baled, silage, grazing
Forage harvest: from May 5th to 12th
Sowing rate: 40 – 50 kg/Ha
Sowing period: September-November, February-March

Raccomandazioni culturali

Soil preparation: superficial tillage, fine soil on the surface
Optimal sowing depth: 1 cm – roll after sowing
Fertilization: depending on the availability of organic inputs (manure, digestate):
Autumnal needs: N 40/50 units/Ha; P2 O5 70/90 units/Ha; K2 O 70/80 units/Ha
Spring needs: N 70/80 units/Ha


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