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Master BRM single cut fodder sorghum

It is a hybrid variety for direct silage with BMR character and excellent digestibility values. The resistance to lodging is excellent and the sugar content values ​​are good. The reduction in the amount of lignin present increases digestibility by 40% compared to other commercial varieties.
It is an early silage sorghum for late sowing.

Punti di forza

Early cycle with possibility of late sowing
Very leafy plant with short internodes
Excellent digestibility and energy content

Indicazioni agronomiche

Plant height: 180 – 190 cm
Vegetative cycle: 75 days from emergence to flowering
Use: direct shredded
Packaging: bag of 800,000 seeds (2.5 Ha)
Sowing rate: 32 – 35 plants/m2.
Weight of 1000 seeds: 28-30 Gr.
Sowing time: ground temperature min. 16th

Raccomandazioni culturali


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