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Misor Hay

It is a mixture formulated and optimized to obtain palatable forage with high digestibility. It is excellent for the production of dry forage. It is composed of essences ideal for grazing as well. To ensure excellent forage quality, it is ideal to graze or haylage before the plant starts to head and in any case, at a height of one meter.

Punti di forza

Great for grazing and hay production
High palatability
High energy value

Composition: 1 Hybrid Sudanese Sorghum – 1 Pearl Millet – Panicum

Indicazioni agronomiche

Optimal cutting height: 100 – 120 cm depending on usage
Vegetative cycle: 55 – 65 days from emergence to flowering
Usage: hay, grazing (above 90 cm)
Sowing rate: 30 – 35 kg/Ha
Sowing period: minimum soil temperature 16°C

Raccomandazioni culturali


Sow, reap, enjoy!

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