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Pannonia K Group 1- Soybean

It is a medium-early variety with high productivity. It has a white hilum, ideal for food chains. It has good lodging resistance and excellent health profile. The vegetative cycle 1- makes it usable in a wide sowing window, therefore successfully used even in the 2nd crop.

Punti di forza

Medium-tall size
Very fast defoliation at maturity
High adaptability to different environments
Last floral node away from the ground

Indicazioni agronomiche

Packaging: 22.7 kg bag
Sowing rate: 40 – 45 plants/m2 for the first crop, 45 – 50 plants/m2 for the second crop
Treated with Koncia Soy (Bradyrhizobium japonicum rhizobium)

Raccomandazioni culturali


Sow, reap, enjoy!

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