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Annual forage

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Italian Ryegrass Cannibal

This is the first nematocidal Italian ryegrass as it not only produces high quantities of forage
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Italian Ryegrass Diamond T

A variety obtained through several cycles of phenotypic selection, Diamond T is an annual tetraploid ryegrass...
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Italian Ryegrass Rockin R

Rockin R is the result of crossing two clones respectively from a single plant in Oregon...
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Italian Ryegrass Banco

Banco is an alternative Italian ryegrass tetraploid variety registered in the European catalog in 2020…
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Italian Ryegrass Linos

It is a variety obtained from a selection performed on populations of plants that have shown significant characteristics...
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Italian Ryegrass Ivan

Ivan is a variety obtained through several cycles of phenotypic selection of plants characterized by ...
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Italian Ryegrass Cash

Cash is a variety that produces a very high dry matter quantity. It has rapid vegetative growth...
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Italian Ryegrass Flying A

Italian Ryegrass Flying A has been developed with the farmer in mind; indeed, this variety provides a high forage...
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Italian Ryegrass Carexpress

The quality of production is assured as well as the digestibility and palatability of the produced forage...
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Italian Ryegrass Sprint

Diploid variety characterized by thin leaves, high leafiness, high dry matter yields per hectare, rapid drying...
LOIETTO MELPUSH765x540 copia zanadrea sementi

Italian Ryegrass Melpush

It is a variety of recent registration and selected to obtain a high forage production. It produces a forage with high leafiness...
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Italian Ryegrass Vertibello

It is a non-alternative diploid variety of the Italicum type. It is a non-alternative diploid variety of the Italicum type...

Alessandrino Clover Lorena

Lorena is very resistant to spring drought and adapts well to Mediterranean conditions...
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Incarnato Clover Kardinal

Medium-late cycle variety with rapid establishment and moderate leafiness. It is an ideal variety for...
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Incarnato Clover Cavroux

Thanks to its phenotypic selection, Cavroux adapts to all climatic contrasts...
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Resupinatum Clover Commercial Varieties

Resupinatum clover is an excellent annual plant for grazing and mowing to produce...
trifoglio squarroso765 zanadrea sementi

Squarrosum Clover Commercial Varieties

Squarrosum clover is a species suitable for Mediterranean climates but also resistant to colder temperatures...
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Autumnal Forage Pea Mont-Rebei

This variety has excellent forage protein content (16-18%) and high dry forage production...
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Autumnal Forage Pea Gracia

This variety has high biomass and adapts well even in less fertile soils...
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Protein Autumnal Pea Chicarron

It is a medium-sized variety with a high number of pods, excellent resistance to lodging...
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Spring Protein Pea Salamanca

It is a tall-sized variety with excellent resistance to lodging. It is characterized by high...
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Common Vetch Nikian

Variety with high resistance to diseases. It is suitable for association with grasses or forage cereals
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Hairy Vetch Villana

Autumn-sown variety that guarantees high production of highly proteinaceous forage...
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Faba Bean Axel

It is a variety suitable for all cultivation areas and endowed with high disease resistance...
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Lupine Lagopesole

It is an annual cultivation variety, with a robust and deep-rooted root system...

Perennial Forages

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Alfalfa Riviera Queen (organic seed available)

Riviera Queen is the result of phenotypic selection of plants originating from the hilly areas of the province of Vicenza...
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Alfalfa Palladiana (organic seed available)

A variety with high adaptability characteristics in any pedo-climatic condition...
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Alfalfa Riviera Vicentina

A variety obtained by phenotypic selection of a population of plants belonging to the Leonicena...
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Alfalfa Elena

A variety obtained from phenotypic selection of plants originating from an ecotype in Friuli...
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Alfalfa Vanda

Combines high yields, thanks to the abundant number of highly foliated stems...
MEDICA765 zanadrea sementi

Riviera Queen/Palladiana Mixed with phosphate fertilizer and microelements

Reduction of bottom fertilization costs Starter effect for young seedlings in critical phases Rapid development of the root system
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Fescue Arundinacea Palma

It is a forage-oriented variety characterized by remarkable productivity...
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Dactylis Glomerata Zora

It is a variety characterized by excellent palatability and digestibility of fiber...
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Lolium Perenne Lovrin 21

It is a variety obtained by a team of researchers in northern Europe, active in the research for qualitative improvement...
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Hybrid Lolium Perenne Gupina

Gupina has regular and constant growth in the composition of mixed meadows...
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Trifolium Repens Fantastico

It is a variety obtained by phenotypic selection on plant populations belonging to the Gigante Lodigiano ecotype...
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Trifolium Pratense Slatina

This variety originates from northern Europe and has pronounced resistance to winter cold...

Permanent Polyphytic Meadow Mixtures

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Mixture composed of forage varieties suitable for cultivation in plain areas with medium to high fertility...
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Riviera Dry

Mixture characterized by remarkable adaptability to different environments and pedo-climatic situations...
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Regenerate Stable Meadows

Mixture properly composed to be used on already established meadows but in need of overseeding to increase...
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Horse Pasture

In this formulation, the ratio between grasses and legumes is balanced. The percentage of legumes and the choice...

Annual Forage Mixtures

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This mixture ensures highly palatable forage with high energy value and low potassium content...
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This mixture provides forage with high sugar content, low potassium, and highly digestible fiber...
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This mixture ensures forage with high nutritional value, low potassium content, and high digestible fiber ...
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The forage produced from this mixture has a well-balanced fiber/protein ratio. The choice of varieties and the percentage...
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Under ideal soil and climatic conditions, the California mix can achieve biomass production in the range of 45-50 t/Ha (33% dry matter)...
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This mixture provides highly energetic and digestible forage due to its high fiber content...
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Since this mixture consists of forage cereals and a forage legume, it increases the protein fraction of the forage..
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This mixture consists mostly of legumes that, when combined with cereals, provide a perfect nutritional...
ORZICHELLO765 zanadrea sementi


A mixture mainly composed of legumes which, when combined with cereal, provide a perfect nutritional mix...
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New Zealand

The mixture consists of medium-late species suitable for intensive grazing or dry hay production...