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Sorghum and Summer Forages

Grain Sorghum

zanadrea sementi

Albita White Grain Sorghum

It's a variety with exceptional grain yield. Can be ensiled to obtain starch-rich forage...

Sorghum for Multi-cut Forage Baled-Chopped

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Suzy Multi-cut Forage Sorghum Baled-Chopped

It is a new hybrid sorghum, introduced to the market in 2018. It has excellent regrowth...
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Karim Multi-cut Forage Sorghum Baled-Chopped

It is a hybrid sorghum of American genetics. Produces high-quality forage with a high protein content...

Sorghum for single-cut forage chopping

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Master BRM single cut fodder sorghum

It is a hybrid variety for direct silage with BMR character and excellent digestibility values...
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Gigant Single fodder sorghum cut from shredded wood

It is a hybrid silage variety with a high energy index. It is suitable for all types of use..

Sorghum for single-cut forage chopping

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It is a blend of four sorghums of different types, formulated to maximize the characteristics of each individual...
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It consists of four panicle sorghums formulated to enhance the characteristics of each component...
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It consists of three well-developed panicle sorghums formulated to achieve high production with high nutritional value...

Summer Forage for Chopping-Bundling and Hay

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It is a mixture composed of three multi-cut sorghums to obtain a balanced forage so that, even in adverse conditions...
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Winning Hay

It is a mixture composed of Sudanese hybrid sorghums to obtain haylage...
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Misor Hay

It is a mixture formulated and optimized to obtain palatable forage with high digestibility...

Summer Essences

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Pearl Millet Commercial Varieties

These are varieties suitable for haymaking and grazing and are characterized by excellent palatability...
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Moha Panic

It is an early cycle variety with a very leafy nature. Palatability values at the beginning of heading are excellent...
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Pannonia K Group 1- Soybean

It is a medium-early variety with high productivity. It has a white hilum, ideal for food chains...